Coinswitch DEX / Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange [How To Use Guide]

Coinswitch DEX / Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange: How To Use Guide | Bitcoin Lifestyles Club | Use the link to the left to get started with CoinSwitch and register your account today! In this video I’m going to show you how to use the CoinSwitch DEX / Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange to trade your favorite cryptocurrencies!

If you happen to reside in a State or area of the world that does not have direct access to quality / highly liquid / trusted cryptocurrency exchanges, YOU are going to love this training! Learn more about my education platform and crypto markets mastermind group using the following link:

And available via the above link, I also have some more advanced FREE Training for people with some ‘crypto trading experience’, that will help you take it to the next level with your mindset and approach to the markets…

Still confused about bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency? Then you owe it to yourself to start doing some research so you don’t miss the boat… and I’ve made it easy for you! Just check out my FREE Crypto Mini Course for all the info you need to get your mind wrapped around the whole concept of bitcoin and crypto, so you know what to do next to benefit from it! Just click the following link for more information to your email: ____________________________________________________________________!/v/calebwright802/0ksp6ld227k

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